Our experienced Primary teachers focus on engaging their students, promoting participation through activities and making lessons fun – the best way to encourage learning.

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Key Stage 3

Offering a wide range of courses and extra-curricular clubs at Key Stage 3 level, our teachers are looking forward to welcoming your children to their groups.

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Intensive Course

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Small classes, experienced teachers and dedication to our students has given us a strong record of success at IGCSE level. We work to enable every student to achieve their very best.

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Individual Tuition

For students looking for additional support alongside their classes, we are able to offer individual tuition. 

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A Levels

At AS and A2 level, our dedicated teachers support their students to achieve their best and guide them towards their next steps in higher education or training. 

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‘We think it is wonderful how the children are bonding with the teachers and actually care for them, something that rarely happens in school, thank you so very very much!’

Sue, Parent of former students

‘Net School has been such an incredible experience for me. The classes being so intimate really make a group atmosphere, and all the individual attention from teachers really makes a difference. So thank you for creating this – I’m sure it has impacted the lives of many people – I’m going to really miss it.’

Naomi, Former Net School Student

‘He has been asking for more since week 1!  For a child who used to be absent from school at least two days a week for three years, you and your team have turned him 360 degrees…. He enjoys the survival skills club and is looking forward to me taking him out in the desert to try them out. I hope we make it back for him to join the Creative Writing Club!… Once again, MANY THANKS, to you and the team.’

Ashraf, Net School Parent

‘We are delighted with the way he has settled in to Net School this term and with his thoughtfully written and encouraging report.’ 

Moira, Net School Parent

I would like to tell you how very pleased we all are with Net School, they are both doing so well, developing new skills and really enjoying it. All the contacts we have had with your school have been very positive and encouraging. I have repeatedly recommended you to friends and at least one has joined classes and is very happy too. Keep up the great work.’

Judith, Net School Parent

‘…We think it is wonderful how the children bond with the teachers and actually care for them, something that rarely happens in school, so thank you so very very much.’

Sue, Parent of former students

‘I’d like to say thank you for running such a good on line school. She has really benefited from her classes in so many ways; not least in being organised and doing her homework every week!’

Moira, Net School Parent

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and M– and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone and anyone as the best internet school in the UK.  Thank you again. 

Lisa, Net School Parent

He is enjoying the Net School classes very much.  They seem to have come just at the right time to meet his needs now and he likes the teachers and learning with the other children.  The teachers have been very good at introducing him to a different style of learning and he is beginning to write so much more and work more independently.

Helen, Net School Parent

I wanted to thank you so much for the last 2 years. He has had an amazing time and has really enjoyed the students and teachers. I wish you all the best and hopefully we will be able to enrol with you again in the future.

Sarah, Net School Parent

We have been very happy with Net School for our two children. They have received individual attention and feedback from their teachers, who have been caring and interested in their progress. The homework has been very comprehensive and very good for their research skills. Net School has fitted very conveniently into our lives and the children have made some good friends. Susan and her team have been excellent and I can’t recommend it enough!

Lucinde, Net School Parent

Regards and thanks for the excellent service you have provided for S– and myself over the past years,  I really do not know how I would have coped (and continue to do so) without you and your wonderful staff!

Gwen, Net School Parent

We are both qualified teachers and have been home educating our 4 children for the past 7 years. Of all the tutors we have used and groups we have organised or kids have been part of , none have been as well planned or run as Net School….We are telling all the home ed parents we know about your school and how good it is.

Zoe, Net School Parent

I continue to be delighted with the level of attention and great teaching the children receive through Net School. Thank you to the whole team.

Lisa, Net School Parent

We want to thank you for the great tuition that she has received from Net School – it has been an invaluable part of her education and she has enjoyed it a lot.   

Scott, Net School Parent

I’d like to thank you for providing such a first class online school. I have been extremely impressed by the outstanding level of teaching in all subjects, you have dedicated teachers… She has thoroughly enjoyed her first term with you and her confidence is continuing to grow in the subjects where she had dipped. She is also challenged to push herself. Outstanding.

Joanna, Net School Parent

“Thank you for helping me achieve the grades I got. Net School was really helpful in so many ways not just learning, and I’m glad to have been there from the start. I’ve loved Net School all the time and everyone’s been so nice and friendly. I couldn’t have got to where I am without you. You have THE BEST teachers, really understanding and kind, and you have totally helped me so much with my confidence. Thank you for being such a big part of my home-ed journey, and I will really miss you. Thank you.”

Gareth, Former Net School student

Let me use this opportunity to really thank you for all your help and to express my deep appreciation for Net School so far: he is enjoying every single course deeply and he’s definitely doing his best to succeed. Moreover, even with this online method he is developing a personal exchange with most teachers, who are truly awesome and attentive to his personal goals and strengths or weaknesses.  Well done.

Anna, Parent of a former student

‘…I have been so impressed with our short time with Net School, Emily has been incredibly helpful with setting everything up and Mrs Laney was so welcoming. I find myself in strange territory, I have a daughter who now cannot wait until school starts again. This is such a difference to how school life has been before and to see my child so happy and relaxed is priceless.’

Mum of a Primary Student

I’m starting at the University of Sheffield in a week to study Dentistry, and just wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone at Net School, especially my teachers, for all the help you gave me to get to this point! I hadn’t been to school in a few years when I started at Net School, and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am with education, confidence or anything else without the belief my teachers had in me and all the support I got from them. I used all the skills I learned at Net School in my A levels, and I’m sure that’ll continue in my degree. I have so much appreciation for Net School, so thank you so much for everything!

Claire, Former Net School Student