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How do I pay for my child’s tuition?

Payment is usually made termly, by bank transfer, at least one week before the start of term, although we are happy to receive annual payments. Invoices, sent out at the end of each term, clearly show the amount owed and the payment due date. Please note that all clients pay tuition fees plus UK Value

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How will my child be entered for a public examination, such as an IGCSE?

Edexcel and CIE both have centres around the UK where students can sit their examinations. Students based overseas can sit their examinations at the offices of their nearest British Council or other suitable institution - both of the exam boards have further details on their websites - you may find these links helpful: Edexcel Cambridge

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How do you work out the entry level?

One of the advantages of internet teaching is that it allows more able students to progress more quickly. Generally, we'll determine the most appropriate group for your child by age but in English and Maths we may offer baseline tests to determine which group will best suit your child's level of ability.

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Will I need to buy any textbooks for my child?

Some subjects, especially IGCSE and A level courses, will require you to purchase a textbook before your child can commence their studies. All of our recommended texts have been carefully selected by our teachers to provide the best support for the course concerned - details of the texts required for specific subjects can be obtained

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How long are your terms?

Our Primary and KS3 courses are 33 weeks long and IGCSE and A level courses are 36 weeks. All students have the same term dates for the autumn term and spring term but then our younger students have slightly shorter summer term than our IGCSE and A level students.

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What about homework?

All students have a personal login name and password which allows them access to Net School's learning management system, PowerSchool. This is where our online classrooms can be found and where teachers post assignments, messages and resources. Parents have access too, so you can see how your child is doing simply by logging on. We've

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When do the lessons take place?

Classes take place from Monday to Friday during the school year. Timetables can be viewed in the 'What we Offer' section of our website. One-to-one tuition to support subjects taken in the main classes can be arranged where we have a teacher available.

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How do you enrol?

The first step is to complete the online contact form, email or call us to discuss your needs. We will then arrange an initial online demonstration (free of charge) where you will be able to try out the classroom software for yourself and ask us any questions you have about the education that we provide.

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How small are the classes?

We believe that for students and teachers to have the best possible online experience, the classes need to be kept to a small size. This allows everyone to participate and the teacher to really get to know their class. We therefore do not usually enrol more than twelve students in any class, with fifteen being

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What equipment do I need?

All you need is a basic PC running an up to date version of Windows, or a Mac running OS 10.7 and above; a reliable broadband internet connection and a headset with a microphone. Net School now uses Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for all of its live lessons and recordings. This platform is web based and

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