Feeling Animated!

For our most recent Net School careers talk, we were lucky enough to be joined by guest speaker Phil Chalk for a captivating insight into his animation company, Factory. Phil has combined his engineering background and creative flair in the production of an impressive portfolio of animations, including BAFTA and other award winners.  We discovered many of these were known and loved among Net School students who were quite star-struck to meet the brains and creative genius behind such classics as the revitalised ‘Clangers’, Raa Raa The Noisy Lion. Roary the Racing Car and Newzoids, amongst many other creations! Thank you so much, Phil. We feel genuinely privileged to have had this opportunity.

You can find out more and see some of Factory’s dazzling work at www.factorycreate.com.  A recording of the session is available on electa for Net School students to revisit and enjoy.

Could you be our next guest speaker?

If you or someone you know would be prepared to come and talk to us to share their insights into a specific career, please get in touch with Mrs Bullock at pastoral@net-school.co.uk or (for Net School families) via the Study Skills page on Powerschool.

1-7 March 2021 National Careers Week 

1-7 March 2021 is National Careers Week in the UK, and careers education providers Start have launched five mini careers lessons which can be accessed for free online.  The classes will be made available, one per day, each weekday during National Careers Week at the link below.  Lessons 1 and 2 are about career goals and creativity, respectively, suitable for all age groups.  Lesson 3 looks at how you can make yourself stand out from the crowd, and lesson 4 is all about finding your dream job; both are for students aged 14 and over.  Lesson 5 is about performing well in interviews and is for students aged 16 and over.  We invite you to take a look by clicking the link!