All our teachers are experienced secondary school teachers. We follow Edexcel's International GCSE courses (except for Latin where we use the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabus), offering a broad range of subjects.

From September 2017, we will be offering the following subjects for new entry at IGCSE level:

  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Spanish
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Maths - Higher Tier only
  • English Language
  • Latin

All individual courses except maths are taught for two hours per week during term.

The fee for any single subject apart from maths from September 2017 will be £252.00 per term. The fee for maths, which is taught for three hours per week, will be £378.00 per term,

Core curriculum package:

This consists of 10 hours of teaching per week, across any available subject combination, and includes a 10% discount on the full cost of the courses. The fee for the 10 hour package from September 2016 will be £1134.00 per term.

Tailored package:

Where possible, we are happy to build a package that suits you. All basic fees are subject to VAT at 20%.


How will my child be entered for a public examination, such as an IGCSE?

Edexcel and CIE both have centres around the UK where students can sit their examinations - it is the responsibility of the child's parent/guardian to enter their child for these examinations. Students based overseas can sit their examinations at the offices of their nearest British Council or other suitable institution - both of the exam boards have further details on their websites - you may find these links helpful:
Cambridge (CIE)

It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to enter a student for examinations and they are responsible for the fee levied by the examination board and the examination centre. 


Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and inspiring him so much. I often found him reading his [study] books late at night and he loved the YouTube links which you sent. He watched most of them right through! Parent