Our Teachers

We work only with experienced and well-qualified teachers, selected on their ability to inspire, to make learning fun and help your child succeed.

Danielle Earl

Teaching has always been my dream job but I ended up pursuing a career in sales initially before working in the care sector and childcare. It was during my work with a care agency that I found myself working as a teaching assistant in…

Helen Moore

As a Science teacher I have taught in a range of secondary and grammar schools in the UK for nearly 12 years. Although I’m a Chemistry specialist, having completed a degree in Chemistry and worked as an Ana……

Nektaria Papanicola

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, as the eldest of 5 in a high-spirited and loving Greek-immigrant family, I was encouraged to strive for personal and academic excellence. My passionate love affair with literature…

Claire Laney

Teaching was always my passion and, after having a couple of non-teaching jobs, I studied at the University of Greenwich and completed a Batchelors of Education degree, graduating in 2002. I then worked at one primary….

Lauren Evans

I love discovering about the elements and compounds which surround us in our daily lives.Cooking is chemistry. Everything you can touch or taste or smell is a chemical. Chemistry explains why detergent works better in hot….

Alice Kirby

I began my teaching career at the age of six, when I would arrange my teddies and dolls on my bed and take the register. My lessons back then were short on content but high on enthusiasm. The toys didn’t seem to mind…..

Gaynor Sward

At heart I love solving problems – puzzles, maths riddles. science conundrums and computer mysteries. It has led me through a journey of studying maths, systems integration, programming an…..

Dave Horton

Hi! My degree was a First in Materials Engineering – an area of study which incorporates large dollops of Physics, Chemistry and Maths, subjects which have always fascinated me. Online teaching has been a passion…..

Bridgette Barrett

My passion for Geography began at secondary school with some fantastic teachers who passed on their love of the subject. Geography at its best should give students an insight into the world we live in and the…..

Dr Sarah Sneddon

The excitement of helping someone improve their ability to communicate in language never leaves me. As a child I read everything and anything that was available, and this love of reading encouraged me to…..

Fran Wilson

Throughout my career, I have had a passion for understanding how you learn. Since being a student myself, I have realised that every person sees things differently and can understand the most complex…..

Kelly Roscoe

My passion for all things old began when I first visited Styal Mill in Cheshire with my primary school. I loved sitting in the school room of the Apprentice House, imagining what the atmosphere would have been like in the Victorian…..

Chloe Bullock

I have always been fascinated by language and culture and my early ambitions to travel and work abroad led me to study for a degree in Spanish and French. My education and career have allowed me to travel…..

Priya Page

As an English teacher I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that I love reading. My favourite book is Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. I first read it at the age of 17, when studying A Level English Literature. I highly…..

Dr Ellie Nalson

I think teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do, and I enjoy introducing others to the subjects I love.Science and Maths have fascinated me ever since I was young. I am especially interested in our Universe…..

Sue Henton

The Romans have left us an amazing heritage. Their empire covered most of the known world and the remains of their building works can be seen everywhere. Their literature has inspired countless writers and artists. Latin…..

Emily Williams

I was lucky enough to have inspiring teachers when I was at school and this meant that I was enthusiastic about my own learning and I thoroughly enjoyed my education. I was a Primary School Teacher for 8 years…..

Susan Reed

I am a History teacher by training and taught in state and independent schools before becoming an online teacher in 2009…