Welcome t
o Net School. Whether you've been using online teaching for years or you're new to the idea, we are confident that we can meet your needs.

Having taught in both the state and private sector before moving into online teaching, I launched Net School in 2013. Net School combines quality and reliability, operating to the highest professional standards and working with the best and most engaging teachers who make learning fun. We offer the subjects that parents most want, in the way that best suits their individual needs.  

Now in our eighth academic year, we are delighted that new families continue to discover the great education we can offer their children. With a range of Primary, Key Stage 3 and IGCSE and A Level courses, in addition to our popular, free 'Extra Curricular Clubs', there is something for everybody. Do take a look at our 'What we Offer' pages to find out more.

In terms of our achievements in public examinations,
in summer 2020 across all subjects, 100% of our students achieved levels 4-9, equivalent to the former A*-C grades (95% 2019), with 78% of these achieving levels 7-9 (the old A - A* grades) and 32% of all results being at Level 9 (29% 2019). We are so proud of our students and teachers for all their hard work, proving just how effective online learning can be. 

And it is not just towards examinations that our sudents are working hard. We have many examples of our students reaching the highest levels in sports, theatre, robotics, golf, songwriting and performing, video making, slime retailing.... an online learner certainly does not have to be at home on the computer all day.

At Net School, we work hard to ensure your child gets the personal, focused attention they need to help them succeed. I or a member of my team would be very happy to discuss with you how we can help and to arrange a demonstration of how online teaching can really work for you and your family.

Susan Reed - Net School founder and Director


Can I spare one last word on how exceptionally good Net School has been for us. I hugely recommend you to any student in special circumstances of any kind - you really are incredible. Parent of an IGCSE student